Halloween weekend is here.

Yippee! I have a love-hate relationship with Halloween. I love the season, the dressing up, THE CANDY. But I hate hate hate hate haunted houses, haunted hikes, and being scared by spooky events.

In saying that, we will be going to a Haunted Hike tonight. Let me clarify that. My family will be going on the Haunted Hike (it’s more like a little maze filled with people jumping out at you and chasing you with fake chainsaws) and I will be standing at the exit watching the young children and teenage girls coming racing out in fear for their lives. Good times, I tell ya’.

On Halloween, I’ll be at home happily handing out goodies to the kids of all ages that come a-knockin’ at my door. “Here, my pretty, a piece of chocolate for you, and one for me. Have a good night!” So it will go all night long. I think I probably gain more weight at Halloween than at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ooohh, those are two more of my favorite holidays. For another post.

Enjoy the spooky weekend!

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